Friday, January 15, 2021

Piano Adventures Lesson Book Level 1 Unit 8 Assignments and Supplementary Activities

 Piano Teaching Lesson Plans: The I Chord

I typically introduce chords and scales by rote earlier than they are introduced in method books using a hear-see-feel approach that appeals to all of the student's senses. As they associate them with color and spot patterns in their music consistently, they can sightread and learn new pieces more quickly. The lesson assignment instructions below are specifically for pieces in the Piano Adventures Lesson Book 1, but the supplementary activities could also be used with any method book when introducing  chords.  Scroll to the bottom to view lesson plan links for other concepts.

UNIT 8: The C Chord or I Chord

Lesson: Red LB 49 Song for a Scarecrow

  • Color the I (C) Chords Red and left hand 2nds Yellow.

  • *Did you remember to play the chords staccato and piano?

  • Can you create your own variation as you play melodies using the C scale (C,D,E,F,G) in the right hand  along with the first line of the left hand of Scarecrow Song?

  • Game: HPN Collect a Chord

Focus Goal/New Concepts: The I Chord

Lesson: Red LB 50 My Pony

  • Tap the rhythm with the correct hand as you listen to the audio.

  • *Remember to prepare for shifts in the L.H. during the rests as you play the song.

Lesson: Red LB 51 Row Row Row Your Boat

  • *Practice playing quickly along with the metronome at 180 bpm so you can try playing a round with your teacher at the next lesson.

  • Game: Pick a different variation card each day to improvise new versions of the song

Focus Goal/New Concepts:Playing a Round

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