Friday, October 30, 2020

Thanksgiving and Fall Themed Free Piano Teaching Resources

Thanksgiving Free Piano Teaching Resources
While planning for my Thanksgiving Themed Piano Group Lesson, I revisited many of the fun Thanksgiving Piano Activities my piano students have enjoyed in the past and was grateful to discover a few new ones listed below as well. I'm eager to have my students begin their "I am Thankful" Composing Projects this month. Although this year has brought many challenges, I love the message of this music video clip (starting at 1:45) that emphasizes the peace power of gratitude to bring joy even amidst troubling times.

Thanksgiving and Fall Music Games

Susan Paradis Save the Turkey  This Multi Concept leveled game is great for a quick lesson starter or group lesson activity.
Susan Paradis Chasing The Turkey This Multi Concept leveled game is great for a quick lesson starter or group lesson activity.  I sometimes pair it with the different levels of save the turkey cards so students of varying levels can all play the game together at group or buddy lessons.
Layton Music Pumpkin Rhythms Although these Rhythm Patterns are for Halloween, the trick or treat game with pumpkin cards is a student favorite that works great for Thanksgiving as well.
Piano Uno (Fall Leaves) This musical variation of Uno includes notes on the staff.  It's a bit longer so I like to use it for group lessons or send it home with siblings for extra note practice
VMT Squishy Squash (requires membership) Multi Concept Review

Thanksgiving and Fall Free Printable Music

Elementary Hands Separate Melodies

Late Elementary Hands Together

Intermediate-* indicates Chord Symbols Included

Thanksgiving Piano Worksheets/Composing/Misc

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