Saturday, October 17, 2020

UVMTA Piano Festival Self Evaluation Checklist

This simple checklist is a great way to help beginning piano students evaluate their own preparedness  for piano festival. 

I encourage them to have a family member video record them playing their piece so they can watch the recording and rate their preparedness on each of these questions using this form.

Piano Festival Preparation Free Printable 

  • Are you stopping/starting or pausing in the middle?   
  • Is your song confidently memorized?
  • Are you playing with a steady appropriate tempo (speed) with accurate rhythms?
  • Can you hear different dynamics in your piece (p, f, accents, etc.)?
  • Did you play the melody louder than the harmony or accompaniment?
  • Are you playing with a flexible wrists, firm fingers, and relaxed weight transfer?
  • Can you hear the difference between legato and staccato?
  • Is your heel on the floor while pedaling? Do you press and release the pedal at the right time?
  • Do you follow the slur marks by floating off at the end of phrases?
  • Does your playing reflect the style of your piece?

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