Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Gethsemane Simplified Piano Music Free Printable

As part of Holy Week leading up to Easter with our family we've been reading scriptures and singing songs about the week leading up to the resurrection resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ (see Easter Come Follow Me and Mercy River Holy Week for Teens). One of my favorite Easter songs is Gethsemane by Melanie Hoffman.
Free Printable Simplified Christian Piano Music Gethsemane Melody or Duet
  There are many vocal and choral arrangements available for purchase on her site, and while this simplified version from The Friend is suitable for some intermediate level students I wanted something accessible for my beginning piano students to play as well.
I created a very simple version including just the melody line with chord symbols written above. 
This can be used in several ways

  • Play just the melody line as written. 
  • Play a single note in the bass following the chord symbols written above the staff as you sing the melody.
  • Play root chords in the bass as you sing the melody
  • Play chord inversions in the bass as you sing the melody
  • Challenge: Play the melody and create your own arrangement of harmony using the chord symbols as your guide. For example, vary the left hand by playing open fifths, broken chords, blocked chords or scrambled chord notes.

I also created a Secondo duet part that only includes Bass F-Middle C for my newest student to play some harmony notes an octave lower than written while her sibling plays the Primo melody line.
Click the links below to view or print the music.
Gethsemane (Simplified Melody with Chord Symbols)
Gethsemane (Secondo Bass Line Duet) 
Gethsemane Sing-a-long Video

#Because of Him

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