Saturday, April 19, 2014

Meaningful Musical Easter Traditions

A friend gave our family a book last year that emphasized the idea of having family traditions starting the week before Easter leading up to Easter Sunday.  I loved the idea of singing a hymn or song to represent events in the Saviour's life leading up to his resurrection. 

During the month of April, I felt inspired as I spent more time reading passages from the 4 gospels.  Although, my plans of reading a scripture passage and singing a hymn together each evening with all of our children didn't happen perfectly, I enjoyed reflecting on the meaning of the music of Easter hymns and songs throughout the week.  

As we anticipate the coming of Easter each year I look forward to celebrating his life as his followers did during his Triumphal entry (Palm Sunday), reflecting on his example and sacrifice for us, and feeling gratitude for his resurrection and the opportunity he gives us all to live again after death. 

 Following are some of the online resources (music and videos) that have made the Easter season more meaningful for me this year . Have a wonderful Easter!

Bible Videos depicting events in the life of Jesus Christ
Easter Video - He is Risen
Seven Days Til Easter  - great printable activity for younger children
Scripture Stories for Children, "He is Risen" - for younger children

Hymns about His life and role as our King
All Glory Laud and Honour #69
Come O Thou King of Kings #59
I Believe in Christ #134

His Atonement and Crucifixion
I Stand All Amazed #193
O Saviour Thou Who Wearest a Crown #197
He Died the Great Redeemer Died #192
My Kingdom is Not of This World

I Know that My Redeemer Lives #136
He is Risen #199
Did Jesus Really Live Again #64
He is Risen

Jesus is Resurrected

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