Thursday, April 10, 2014

Piano Lab Online Activities Level 1

  Piano Adventures Primer Technique Secrets
  Piano Adventures Primer Artistry Pieces
  Piano Safari Animal Adventures Technique Videos
  Piano Safari Pattern Pieces Videos
Left/Right & Finger Numbers
  Tonic Tutor Finger Puppets
Hearing High/Low
  SFS Pitch
Hearing Up/Down
  Tonic Tutor Stick People
  MLC Storm Chasers (Pitch and Melody Aural) 
  Creating Music Pitch
  Creating Music Block Games (Pitch, Comparing, Pitch & Rhythm Game)
Playing Rhythms QHW
  Quackin' Rhythms
Note/Rest Names QHW
   Thinking Theory Rests
    MLC Meteor Match (Rhythm Visual)
   Tonic Tutor Piggybank
Rhythm Review
  SFS Rhythm
Tempo Adagio/Andante/Allegro
  Thinking Theory Tempos Marks
  SFS Tempo
Music Alphabet
     White Keys Frog Video
White Key Names
  MLC Letter Fly CDE (Keyboard Elements)
  Tonic Tutor Piano Keys
  Tone Savvy Piano keys quiz
  Quizlet Piano Keys Scatter Game
Steps/Skips on Piano Keys
  Thinking Theory Piano Key Steps/Skip
Aural Memory
  Music Tech Teacher Flash Piano
  PT Sequencing with Simon
  Forte/Piano Mootoob Video
Counting by Measure - 4/4 Time Signature
  Quarter Note Song 
   PT Unifix Drums
  PT Counting Music
Lines/Spaces on Staff
  Freddie the Frog Note Matching Games
High/Low on Staff
  High/Low Mootoob video
Steps on Staff
Landmark Notes
  Tonic Tutor Lasers
Bass and Treble Clefs
 Pianoanne Barnyard Friends
  MooToob Very Cool Bass Clef
Grand Staff
  Pianoanne Barnyard Friends
  FACE Mootoob Video
Echo Rhythms
  Tonic Tutor Dancing Jellybeans 
  Classics for Kids Rockin Rhythm Master
Hearing Steps and Skips
  Theta Paddle Tones (requires login)
Steps and Skips on Piano
 Tonic Tutor Jungle Journey Pre-A
Steps and Skips on Staff 
 Thinking Theory Staff Steps and Skips
  Theoria Interval Id M2(step) or M3(skip)
3/4 Time Signature
 Half Steps and Whole Steps
  Tonic Tutor Jungle Journey Pre-B 
Theory Term/Symbol Review
  Tonic Tutor Boxing Glove

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