Piano Game Resource List

My Favorite Piano Game Resources

Free Piano Games Organized by Concept and Level Rhythm Notereading Ear Training

This post includes printable piano games organized by concept and level that make great lesson starters. For online games and activities view my free piano lesson plans for Piano Adventures and Piano Pronto or use the online activities list with any method book.


Music Alphabet, Piano Key Names

  • HPN  Fast Hands (1) Music Alphabet Steps
  • PN Alphabet Trail (1) Piano Key Names + Staff Reading Prep
  • PN Keyboard Note Cards  (1) Piano Key Names
  • PN Music Alphabet Cards (1)
  • PN Flashcard BINGO (1)
  • SP Snowflake/Shamrock Keys (1-2) Piano Key Names + Sharp/Flat
  • SP Cover the Keys (1) Piano Key Names

Note Reading

Musical Terms and Symbols


Whole/Half Step, Accidentals, Enharmonics


Ear Training

Stem Placement




Key Signatures

  • SP 9 Keys (5)
  • PN Dizzy Fifths Spinner Game (5-7)
  • NM Musical Sequence (5-6) 
  • PN Key Signature BINGO (6-7)
  • PN Key Signature Memory Cards (3-way match) (6-7)
Music History

Piano Bloggers

Thanks to all of these fabulous bloggers for generously sharing their creative ideas!
Susan Paradis.com (SP)
Pianimation by Jen Fink (PN) - No Longer Available
Color in My Piano by Joy Morin (CIMP)
Colourful Keys by Nicola Cantan (CK)
Pianoanne by Anne Crosby Gaudet (PA) - No Longer Available
Music Matters by Natalie Wickham (MM)
Layton Music Studio by D'Net Layton (LMS)
Notable Music Studio by Sheryl Welles (NM)
Piano Escapades by Wendy Chan (PE)
Sing a New Song by Jeana Beasley (SNS)
The Playful Piano by Jenny Boster (PP)
Teach Piano Today by Andrea and Trevor Dow (TPT)
4D Piano Teaching by Spring Seals (4D)
Brought to you by HPN
(Heidi's Piano Notes by Heidi Neal)

More Free Piano Teaching Resources

For more creative fun check out my Online Piano Activities organized by concept and level or view this video of a workshop I taught highlighting some of my favorite games and creative activities for Maximizing Learning in Music Lessons.



  1. Thank you for putting this list together!

  2. You might like this one that I put together :) It's basically a musical version of Spot-It! https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Middle-C-I-See-2578159

    1. I bought this and love it! Thank you for sharing!

  3. This is an amazing list! I'm definitely pinning this to my group boards :)

  4. Great list :-)
    ? what does PA stand for?
    I figured out that SP = Susan Paradis
    Thank You for sharing your ideas

  5. Piano Anne - Unfortunately Anne Crosby Gaudet discontinued her blog with these resources so I removed the hyperlink but keep it in my list so I remember to use them.

  6. What an impressive list! I'm preparing for lesson start up in August and am printing out games to use. This will be a great resource. Thanks! What do you store your games in? I can't tell from the picture. I'm brainstorming storage ideas too as my studio space is small.

  7. My game card storage pockets are made from a a large sheet of clear vinyl tablecloth vinyl, with strips sewn on to form pockets. I inherited it from my mom but I have seen the vinyl sold on a roll at Walmart and Joann's. I used to store it under a couch to pull out for lessons, but now that I have a dedicated piano room, it hangs nicely on the closet wall using Command picture hanging strips. I store the game boards in expandable files with dividers that you can see pictured on this post http://heidispianonotes.blogspot.com/search?q=organization.

    1. I have since updated my game organization To allow for easier lending of games to my students, I store them in color coded and labeled pouches similar to those used by Nicola Cantan on the colourful keys blog. https://colourfulkeys.ie/store-organise-piano-teaching-games/


  8. I love this idea...thanks ;) I want to use it this week but I have a few questions:
    Do have any students who try to change the location of the answer to get BINGO? or do you have them write it in pen? Do you do 5 in a row or how have you played that works best? How do students mark their answers on the board or do they shade it or use bingo chips?
    Play now game apple worm
    freecell123, jelly doods,