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Free Online Piano Lab Activities Organized by Concept and Level for the Piano Teaching Lab or Piano Lesson Assignment

Online Piano Activities

Click on a level below for a list of activity links organized by concept or view my free piano lesson plans to see online activities specifically correlated with method book pieces.
Young Beginners
Finger Numbers
Short/Long Sounds
Line/Space Notes
Music Alphabet
Online Music Makers

Level 1 
Main Concepts:
Rhythm- Quarter Half,  Dotted Half, Whole
Staff Notes- Bass F - Treble G 
Tempo - Adagio, Allegro, Andante
Steps and Skips

Level 2
New Concepts:
Intervals 2nd - 5th
Staff Notes - Bass C - Treble C
Dynamics - Crescendo/Decrescendo, mp, mf

Level 3
New Concepts:
Rhythm - Eighth Notes
Staff Notes Bass G - Treble F
Intervals- 6th -8th
Ear Training Intervals-2nd-5th

Level 4 
New Concepts:
Rhythm - Dotted Eighth Notes
Staff Notes - Leger Lines 
Ear Training Intervals - 6th & octaves
1 8va Scales, Maj/min Chords
Music Periods
Quizlet Terms & Signs Level 4 
Quizlet Piano Chords on the Keyboard 
Quizlet 1 8va Scales on the Keyboard 
Quizlet Interval Songs
Music Period Characteristics: In Recital with Classical Themes Lab Assignment  
Playing with Feeling

Level 5 
New Concepts:
Rhythm - Eighteenth Notes and Rests
Key Signatures/Relative Keys
Primary/Secondary Triads
Augmented and Diminished Chords 

Level 6 
New Concepts:
Rhythm - Eighteenth Note combinations
V7 Chord Inversion
2 8va Arpeggios and Scales
Ornaments - Trills, Mordents and Turns
Texture - Polyphonic, Homophonic, Monophonic
Form - Binary, Rounded Binary, Ternary

Harmonic Functions Theoria Tutorial 

NFMC Music Samples Listening Lab
Festival Choice Piece Faber Gold Star Listening Lab 
Motives : Beethoven's Wig Videos 
Music Tech Teacher
Music History/Listening: Get Inspired 88pianokeys
Cadences : Country Style
Fraction Pies Rhythm Player

 Piano Game Links

Classics for Kids
Music Learning Community
Music Tech Teacher Games/Quizzes 
Musical Mind Ear Training 
PT Musical Fraction Bars
SFS Kids
Tonic Tutor
Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra 

Piano Lab Posts
Free Piano Lesson Plans


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  3. Piano lab is free and included in the lesson price. When I moved and started my studio in a new area, I added the lab so students get 1 hour of weekly instruction time instead of the typical 30 minutes and increased my fee about $10 more per month compared to when I didn't have a lab.

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