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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Piano Lab Online Activities - Level 3

Following are online activities for Level 3 (Hal Leonard or Faber 2B) organized by concept.
Eighth Notes/Rests Review Visual
Eighth Notes Ear Training
             Rhythm Trainer Quarter & Eighth Notes
            Tone Savvy Rhythmic Dictation
             TonicTutor Dancing Jelly Beans (requires free login)
            Music Tech Teacher Rhythm Sound Match 

Ties and Slurs
            MusicTech Teacher Ties and Slurs

 Bass Low GABCD

Interval Ear Training PU-P6

Intervals up to a 6th Visual
Treble Above the Staff
           Pedaplus Older Version Treble Advanced         
           Pedaplus Flash Notes
           Music Tech Teacher Treble Word Warrior
 Chords on Piano
           Music Tech Teacher A Chording to Santa
Dotted Quarter Notes
           Phil Tulga Rhythm Counter
Half/Whole Steps
                MusicTech Teacher Half Step Hoedown
                MusicTech Teacher Watch Your Step
Key Signatures
           Pedaplus Flash Key Signatures
Major Scale WWH
Sharps/Flats on the Staff
Major/Minor Ear Training
               TeoriaTriad Ear Training –Chord Type
Theory Terms
            TonicTutor Boxing Glove

Time Signature
                MusicTech Teacher Going Nuts Over Time Signs
                ComposeCreate Web Rewards 3


  1. Heidi, do you have an iPad you use for lab time? I'm finding that I have been using my iPad more then not for lab time now. I have my own iPad for me and then one dedicated for the lab.

  2. That's on my wish list! I use a PC in my lab and have an android tablet that I use for video purposes at the piano, but unfortunately most of the music apps are made for the more costly iPad.

    1. Update: The iPad I invested in was definitely worth it! My students love using piano maestro, Rhythm Swing and other fun apps every week!