Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Piano Lab Online Activities - Level 3

Following are online activities for Level 3 (Hal Leonard or Faber 2B) organized by concept.
Eighth Notes/Rests Review Visual
Ties and Slurs
            MusicTech Teacher Ties and Slurs
Landmark Notes 3Cs Bass F and Treble G 
            Thinking Theory 5 Landmark Notes
Bass Low GABCD

Interval Ear Training PU-P6

Intervals up to a 6th Visual
Treble Above the Staff
           Pedaplus Older Version Treble Advanced     
           Pedaplus Flash Notes
           Music Tech Teacher Treble Word Warrior
 Chords on Piano
           Thinking Theory Major Triads
           Music Tech Teacher A Chording to Santa
1 8va Scales on Staff and Piano
           Thinking Theory Solfa Scale
           Thinking Theory C Major Scale
           Thinking Theory G Major Scale
           Thinking Theory F Major Scale
           Thinking Theory D Major Scale 
           Thinking Theory A Major Scale
           Thinking Theory E Major Scale
Dotted Quarter Notes
           Phil Tulga Rhythm Counter
Half/Whole Steps
            MusicTech Teacher Half Step Hoedown
            MusicTech Teacher Watch Your Step
Key Signatures
           Pedaplus Flash Key Signatures
Major Scale  Pattern WWHWWWH
            Cracking the Code of Major Scales
Sharps/Flats on the Staff
            Thinking Theory Accidentals
Major/Minor Ear Training
Theory Terms
            Thinking Theory Dynamics pp, p, mp, mf, f, ff
            TonicTutor Boxing Glove

Note Stems
            Thinking Theory Note Stems
Time Signature
            Thinking Theory Time Signature 2/4, 3/4, 4/4
                ComposeCreate Web Rewards 3


  1. Heidi, do you have an iPad you use for lab time? I'm finding that I have been using my iPad more then not for lab time now. I have my own iPad for me and then one dedicated for the lab.

  2. That's on my wish list! I use a PC in my lab and have an android tablet that I use for video purposes at the piano, but unfortunately most of the music apps are made for the more costly iPad.

    1. Update: The iPad I invested in was definitely worth it! My students love using piano maestro, Rhythm Swing and other fun apps every week!