Thursday, February 13, 2014

Piano Lab Online Activities - Level 5

Online Piano Lab Activities Level 5

Browse the links below to find online activities organized by topic for intermediate level piano students to complete during piano lab or at home. 

Hal Leonard Book 5 Artistry and Analysis Videos 
 Compound Meter 6/8
  Teoria Compound Meter Tutorial
 Time Sig Review
  Teoria Time Signature 
  Music Tech Teacher How is your Timing 
Sixteenth Notes/Rests 
  Music Tech Teacher Rhythm and Signs Crossword
  Music Tech Teacher Rhythm Terms Scramble
  Music Tech Teacher See Sawing Note Values 
  Tonic Tutor Piggybank  (requires login)
  Phil Tulga Rhythm Counter (Fill measures with sixteenths)
  Phil Tulga Fraction Pies 
Sixteenth Notes Ear Training 
  Rhythm Trainer
Melodic Movement
  Tonic Tutor Robot
  Tonic Tutor Stick People 
  Music Tech Teacher The Fabulous 4s 
  Teoria Notes Ear Training
Piano Keys Review + Double Sharp/Flat
  Tonic Tutor Piano Keys 
Staff Notes Review
  Pedaplus Flash Keys
  Teoria Clef Reading  
Major Scales
  Music Tech Teacher Fishy Major Scales
  Music Tech Teacher TicTac Know Your Scales 
  Theta Number Blaster Level 3 
  Teoria Scales Construction
Harmonic minor Scale
  Pianoanne Scale Tutorial
Scales Ear Training Major and Natural, Harmonic, Melodic Minor
  Teoria Scales Ear Training 
Primary Triads
 Teoria Harmonic Functions Tutorial (requires login)
  Music Tech Teacher Arpeggio Activity
Motive and Sequence
  Intro to "Country Style" Cadences Video
Intervals including quality
  Tonic Tutor Jungle Journey
   Pianoanne Interval Tutorial
Interval Ear Training PU-P8
 Quizlet Interval Songs (Scatter)
Music Teacher Games Intervals1
 Pedaplus Flash Intervals   
  Theta Paddle Pitch Level 3
  Theta Tone Drops Level 1,2,3 
  Theta Parrot Phrases Level 3
  Theta Melodic Drops Level 2,3
  Theta Harmonic Balloons Level 1,2,3
  Theta Flash Intervals Melodic Level 1,2,3
Aug/dim Triads
  Teoria Triad Ear Training (Maj, min, dim & Aug)
Secondary Triads
Triad Review
  Quizlet Root Chords CFG
  Quizlet Root Chords DAE 
  Quizlet Chord Definitions 
  MLC Tumble Triads
  Theta Tone Trees Level 3
  Theta Chord Locks Level 3
  Theta Chord Drops Level 1,2,3 
  Music Tech Teacher Chords a Plenty (Spelling) 
  Music Tech Teacher Chord Quest 
  Teoria Triad Construction (Maj/min) 
  Teoria Triad Identification 
Open Position Triads
Question and Answer Phrases
Dotted Eighth/Sixteenths
 Phil Tulga Rhythm Counter
Triad Inversions
  Quizlet Major Chord Inversions on Staff
Key Signatures
  Quizlet Key Signatures 5#/5b   
  Theta Key Puzzles Level 1,2,3
  Pedaplus Flash Key Signatures
  Challenge: Pedaplus Flash Scale Degrees
  Teoria Key Signature Identification
  Teoria Key Signature Construction 
Relative Minors
  Pianoanne Relative Minor Tutorial
  Quizlet Relative Keys
  Teoria Key Signature Identification  
Chromatic Scales
Terms and Signs
  Tonic Tutor Boxing Glove
  Quizlet Terms and Signs Level 5 
  Theta Speaker Chords Level 1,2,3
  Theta Flash Chords Level 1 
Multi-Concept Review 
    Compose Create Web Rewards 5
  Classics for Kids - Baroque Era
  Classics for Kids Telemann
  Halloween Listening Lab: Bach Toccata and Fugue 
  Classics for Kids - Classical Era
  Classics for Kids - Romantic Era
  Classics for Kids - Impressionistic Era
  Classics for Kids - Modern 
  Classics for Kids - Jazz
Musical Forms
  Minuet - Classics for Kids Click in the purple box to hear podcast
   Concerto - Classics for Kids
  Rondo - Classics for Kids
  Harmony - Classics for Kids (Monophony, Homophony, Polyphony) 

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