Friday, May 17, 2024

Piano Adventures 3B: Rondoletto and Technique Review

 This post includes lesson plans for "Rondoletto" by Christian Brunner in Piano Adventures 3A Technique.

Music Samples

Choose a video of Rondoletto to watch below and pay attention to the different technique motions the pianist uses.


Can you create your own piece that imitates the melody rhythms in this piece but uses the notes in a different order?
1. Choose a key signature for your improvisation.
2. Experiment with right-hand melodies as you think of the words "Caterpillar Jump, Caterpillar Jump, Caterpillar Caterpillar Fly."
3. Consider adding a melodic sequence or repeating your theme in the relative minor key.
4. Add left-hand chord harmony to match your melody notes.

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Piano Improvisation "Are You Sleeping" Leila Viss Noodle Challenge Day 2


I signed up for Leila Viss's noodle challenge because I have loved hearing about and implementing her creative ideas in the past after attending her workshops and reading her blog for years. I hope to expand my own confidence in improvising. I got a late start after being out of town, but had a lot of fun creating this quick video of a jazzy version of "Are You Sleeping" that I created in less than 2 minutes. It is a lot of fun to play with energy but my kids might name it "The Rude Awakening" if I start playing it in the early morning hours!

To sign up and get some fresh and free  improv ideas for this month Visit

Saturday, April 27, 2024

LPM Connections 8 and V7 Chords

This post includes activities for Let's Play Music Connections Lesson 8. 

Music and Movement

Listen to the audio of a video of your choice below as you march a steady beat with your feet and clap the rhythm of the melody.
This song is sometimes called “Prince of Denmark’s March.”

LPM Connections 7 Triads and Roman Numerals

 This post includes activities for Let's Play Music Connections Lesson 7 Triads and Roman Numerals.

Music Sample

Choose a version of Cockles and Mussels to listen to below. Can you spot any differences in the melody compared to your music?

Patty Gurdy Molly Malone

Friday, April 26, 2024

LPM Connections 6 Major Scales and Key Signatures

 This post includes activities for LPM Connections Lesson 6 Major Scales and Key Signatures.


Learn the Major Scale Pattern Song with this Free Printable Major Scale Pattern Sheet Music. Challenge: Can you transpose it to another key?

"The pattern of the major scale starts with the Tonic - Whole Whole Half -Whole Whole Whole Half. That's a major scale!"

LPM Connections 5 Intervals and Staff Relationships

This post includes activities for Let's Play Music Connections Lesson 5: Intervals and Staff Relationships

Music Samples

Listen to this Alouette Animated Variation as you clap the rhythm of the piece. Can you spot 2 measures in your music where the melody is different than the video?