Monday, June 30, 2014

Piano Lab Online Activities Level 6 (Gold) Draft

Choose from the activities below for online flipped learning intermediate-level music resources.

Piano Adventures 4 Playlist

88 Piano Keys Get Inspired Episodes
Leger Line Notes Review
  Tone Chord ID - practice inversion id on the staff
Legato Thirds
Motive and Sequence
2 octave scales
Relative Minor 
  Alberti Bass Video
Dominant 7th Chords
  Theta Chord Spells Level 3
 Teoria Seventh Chords
2 octave arpeggios
Voicing the Melody
Harmonization with chords
Identify Major Key Signatures
  Tonic Tutor Boxing Glove
  Teoria Key Signature Identification
Write Major key Signatures
  Teoria Key Signature Construction
Interval Ear Training
  Music Teacher Games Intervals 1 M
  Music Teacher Games Intervals 2 M+m
  Chromatic Scales
  Carnival of the Animals Lion Roar

Building Major and Minor Triad on Staff 
  Teoria Major Triad Construction (Major - Root Position)
  Teoria Minor Triad Construction (Minor - Root Position)
Minor Intervals
  Pianoanne minor intervals video

  Teoria Major/minor 2nds
  Teoria Major/minor 3rds
  Teoria Major/minor 6ths
  Teoria Major/minor 7ths
  Teoria Interval Construction (Mm 2,3,6,7, P4P5)
  Review Major Intervals
Dotted Eighth to Sixteenth Pattern
  Musical Minds: Beethoven Challenge
  Phil Tulga Rhythm Counter Shoo Fly
Rhythmic Dictation with Sixteenths
  Tonic Tutor Jelly Bean
Melodic Dictation
  Tonic Tutor Robot
Baroque Style
Classical Style
Romantic Style
Contemporary Style
Forms: Binary  Rounded BinaryTernary
  Ternary Form Example

Texture: Polyphonic Homophonic Monophonic
  Video About Polyphony

Counterpoint (contrapuntal)
Ornaments: Trill Mordent Turn
  Trill Video

Minuet and Trio

Circle of Fifths
Cadences (Authentic, Full, Half)
Terms and Signs - Trill, Mordent, Turn, Wedge (Staccatissimo), Counterpoint (contrapuntal), Rolled Chords  

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Part 5 Songs for Teaching Theory and Tempo - The Value of Singing at Piano Lessons

Teaching Theory and Tempo Through Song 

Singing is a fabulous mnemonic device.  I've made up songs to help my kids memorize scriptures,  multiplication tables, the scout law and spelling words.  And sometimes I even have to sing the joy school song I learned as a child to help them remember the family rules... "We never step on furniture (repeated), when we're in the Neal House.  This is a rule in the Neal House (repeated), that helps us all to be happy."  So when my students were forgetting the meaning of the time signature or tempo terms, I created some lyrics to help.

Time Signature: Time Signature Song Lyrics
Tonic/Dominant: FaberTonic up to dominant and leading tone to C
Decrescendo/Crescendo  Music 
Chord Inversions: Let's Play Music Orange Roots Demo Video Tempo
Adagio/Allegro:"Adagio Play Slow" Song  or "A leg grows Quick!  Allegro's Quick! (Sung to 3 Blind Mice
Presto/Largo: Music

What songs have you used to teach theory?

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Part 4 Ear Training: The Value of Singing at Piano Lessons

Ear Training
 Unfortunately, ear training is one aspect of music lessons that is often neglectedSince I started using Music Progressions as the framework for my curriculum, I've introduced ear training concepts much early then I was taught them.  Following are a few ideas of how to use singing to solidify early ear training concepts.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Inspiration from a Student

Sometimes life reminds you in hard ways that there are things much more important than piano.  I recently had one of those reminders.  One of my former piano students was in a major car accident about a week ago.  Morgan is a vivacious, optimistic, faith filled girl whom I had also trusted as the babysitter of our children. I was impressed that she wanted lessons badly enough as a teenager, she was willing to earn half of the money to pay for them.  She always showed up with a smile.  
A few weeks ago as she was commuting from her college town to home, she apparently fell asleep at the wheel, drifted off the highway, rolled the car a couple of times and was ejected from the vehicle and sustained multiple injuries.