Thursday, April 30, 2020

Unforgettable Tempo Term Songs

Singing is a fabulous mnemonic device.  After discovering these helpful Tempo Term Posters from the Colourful Keys blog that I display on my music bulletin board I added these new lyrics to familiar folk songs to make the tempo terms stick even more.

Allegro's Quick

Change the playback speed of the 3 Blind Mice video to  Sing to 1.5
Allegro's quick!  A leg grows quick!
Allegro's quick!   A leg grows quick!
It's faster than Lento,
It's faster than Adagio
Its' faster than Andante
Allegro's quick!

Andante Marches Walking Pace

Sing to the tune of the Ants Go Marching
Andante marches walking pace Hurrah, Hurrah!
Andante marches walking pace Hurrah! Hurrah!
Andante marches walking pace, be sure to walk it's not a race
Andante marches down to the ground to his own little space.

Which 2 tempo's would you use to describe this version of The Ants Go Marching?

Edwin McClean's Ghost Waltz  (from FJH Federation Favorites Book 2) provides the perfect haunting melody to help students remember that adagio means slow.
"Adagio, play slow
Adagio, play slow
Adagio, Adagio, Adagio play slow."

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