Monday, April 6, 2020

Slow Down

I loved the profound calming message from this song that I discovered as I went to my gospel library app to browse some suggested activities to prepare my family for Easter this week. The lyrics are a perfect reminder in this time when troubles seem to be brewing all around.

Despite the challenges that social distancing has created for me as a piano teacher, I feel grateful that it has forced our family to slow down a bit and spend more time together.  Since my boys can't attend sports practices they practice more with each other, dinner around the table together has become more of the norm than the exception.  As we've tried to plan family fun to combat the boredom of confinement we're creating more meaningful memories together.

 I was so happy to receive this musical birthday gift from my daughter who is serving as a missionary in California. I used to rock her to sleep as I sang Mother Tell Me a Story

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