Monday, March 16, 2020

Online Piano Learning Activities Organized by Concept and Level for the Corona Virus Concerned

Free Online Piano Teaching Activities Organized by Concept and Level for the Piano Teaching Lab or Piano Lesson Assignment
While I've been using online piano activities during lab time with my students for years I've been visiting my list of piano online activities organized by concept and level a lot more this week as I adapt my piano lessons temporarily to a more remote learning model due to the corona virus. The online piano activity list includes a variety of links to online games, listening activities, theory/technique videos, but I just wanted to highlight some of my favorite options for piano students to expand their learning at home if they choose not to have face to face lessons during the corona virus craze.
If necessary, I also plan to offer remote lesson options via facetime or google hangouts for those interested, but I'll also tap into these online resources for my student's home piano lab assignments.

Improvisation/Rote Pieces

Forrest Kinney Create First 1 Videos  - Demo videos show how to make up music on the spot using specific keys and/or rhythmic patterns
Forrest Kinney Create First 2 Videos
Piano Safari Pattern Play Pieces 1 The "I Love Coffee" piece is a favorite rote song for my students.  Students can browse performance videos to find other pattern pieces they may enjoy learning by rote.
Piano Safari Pattern Play Pieces 2
Eric Baumgartner Jazz Piano Basics Rhythm/Improv Activities - With the purchase of this book, you gain access to online tutorials and jazzy backing tracks for improvisation practice in a variety of keys.
BenSound Improvisation - This website has short music samples that make great backing tracks for scale or improvisation practice.


Caterpillar Crawl Technique Motion Warmup - This video demonstrates the basic technique motions needed to play the piano with artistry.
Piano Safari Animal Technique Pieces - My beginner students love being able to play these rote pieces even before they have a full understanding of notereading.
Faber Piano Technique Secrets Videos
Hanon Faber Videos - These short video clips are a great supplement to the Hanon Faber book and also serve as a reminder for my students when they need to use specific technique motions such as arcs, swoops and circles in their pieces.
BenSound Scales- This website has short music samples that make great backing tracks for scale or improvisation practice.


 Wynn-Ann Rossi Composing Tips Videos - These quick demo vidoes created by composer Wynn-Ann Rossi first demonstrate a brief composing concept and then give you an invitation about how to apply it.
Bradley Sowash Composing Intros  and  Outros -The video tutorial and written text on this blog post can show student's how to create effective beginnings and endings for their compositions.

Theory/Ear Training Students can access 10 free games on this site but a reasonably priced subscription unlocks over 50.  Read a review and get a discount code here.
Quizlet Piano Theory Study Sets- quizlet allows you to create online flashcard sets and includes some fun games and organized study platforms to help you master them.
Colourful Keys Thinking Theory Videos - These brief videos accompany the Thinking Theory Workbooks but can also serve as a quick reminder or intro for students encountering the specific concepts in their music.
Compose Create Web Rewards - Wendy Stevens has organized review activities by level including theory/ear training worksheets to print and online games,
Theta Music Trainer - By creating a free sign-in you can browse beginning level games or choose to follow a course path to learn specific music skills.

Music History

Classics for Kids Podcasts- These Music Podcasts present music history about, music time periods, musical forms, etc. in an engaging style for kids with a brief online quiz option to see how much you remember.
Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra Listening Adventure/Game - This story like listening adventure has musical games incorporated along the way as it introduces children to the instruments of the orchestra.

Purposeful Listening

Leila Viss Get Inspired- Leila has various episodes with youtube videos links that inform and inspire students as they watch and listen to works by the masters.

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