Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Piano Lab Activities Prep Level

Technique (Flexible Wrist, Firm Fingers, Wrist Float-offs)
  Caterpillar Crawl
Left/Right & Finger Numbers
  Tonic Tutor Finger Puppets 
Hearing Up/Down
  Tonic Tutor Stick People
  MLC Storm Chasers (Pitch and Melody Aural) 
Note/Rest Names QHW
   MLC Meteor Match (Rhythm Visual) 

Music Alphabet
     White Keys Frog Video  

  Forte/Piano Mootoob Video  

Lines/Spaces on Staff
  Freddie the Frog Note Matching Games  

Music Makers
  Sofia the First Online Pentatonic Scale
  PT Unifix Drums   
Grand Staff

  Pianoanne Barnyard Friends
  FACE Mootoob Video
Steps and Skips on Piano
 Tonic Tutor Jungle Journey Pre-A
Music and Movement
  Trepak Baseball
  Goin' on a Bear Hunt
Music History
  Starfall Music
Musical Books
  Pete the Cat

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Persistence: Kicking off the Piano Quest for Virtues

 I enjoy the reflective process of setting new years resolutions as the new year begins.  My studio theme for the new year is "A Quest for Virtues"

 Each student has a music quest board to chart their progress as they complete tasks related to the monthly virtue.

The four goals for the month that emphasize focused practice on challenging spots in music or a focus on technique include:

  • Advance up a level in the 1 minute club challenge by naming and playing all notes on the grand staff in 1 minute or less.
  •   Practice festival keyboard skills each day you practice.  Pass off in 1 key with accurate tempo, rhythm, fingering technique and notes.   
  •  Achieve 2 goals set by your teacher in Tonic Tutor.
  • Complete practice assignments for 20 days this month.
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