Thursday, April 23, 2020

Virtual Piano Lesson Game: Music Scattergories

When I was pondering some type of fun to have for date night amid social distancing due to the corona virus, this was one game that came to mind.  This twist on the classic game of Scattergories can be fun at a group piano lesson and could even be played virtually via zoom for an online music gathering.

Music Scattergories Instructions

Share a list of 10 musical categories with each participant (in person or on a zoom screen share). Students race for 2 minutes to write one musical term or symbol that fits in each of the designated categories. (Normally you limit responses based on words starting with a certain letter of the alphabet, but for this musical version answers can begin with any letter.)  When the time is up each player reads their list one category at a time and scores 1 point for each category where they named something that fit the category and that no one else included on their list.  Categories and sample answers might include:
1. Rhythm (Whole Rest, Eighth Note, Half Note, etc.)
2. Tempo (Adagio, Presto, Accelerando, Ritardando, etc.)
3. Articulation (Staccato, Portato, Accent, etc.)
4. Composers in the Baroque Period (Bach, Handel, Telemann, etc.)
5. Mood (Jazzy, Silly, Excited, etc.)
6. Musical Periods (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, etc.)
7. Instruments (Harpsichord, Organ, Violin etc.)
8. Excuses for not practicing (I had too much homework, I couldn't find my books, etc.)
9. Types of Scales (Major, Minor, Chromatic, etc.)
10. Types of Chords (Inverted, 7th, Major, diminished, etc.)
11. Letter in the Music Alphabet (A,B,C, etc.)
12. Piano Safari Technique Animals (Lion, Zebra, etc.)
13. Dynamics (p, ff, etc.)
14. Landmark Notes (Middle C, Treble G, High C, etc.)
15. 3 Letter Words you can spell with the music alphabet (bed, dad, dab, etc.)
16. Musical Forms (Sonata, Rondo, Theme and Variation, etc.)
17. Objects in your piano teacher's room (metronome, piano, music, etc.)
18. Music Apps your teacher has (Flashnote Derby, Rhythm Swing, Musiclock)
19. Tonic Tutor Games (Boxing Glove, Piggybank, Stick People)
20. Practice Strategies (Hands Separate, Clap and Count, Don't Wash the Clean Dishes)

One bonus to this game is that it can be used with varied levels of players and the winner is partly a matter of chance depending on the responses of the group.

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