Saturday, September 9, 2023

Piano Lab Online Activities Level 4

Following are online piano activities for Hal Leonard 4 or Piano Adventures 3A/3B organized by concept. 

  Video about Mordents
  Playing with Feeling

Harmonic Minor Scales
Repertoire Videos
  Piano Adventures 3B Playlist

Ledger Line Notes
  MTT Magnificent 7ths - 7th intervals and chords

Dotted Rhythms & 16th Notes/Rests

  Tone Chord ID - practice inversion id on the staff

1 8va Arpeggios

Thinking Theory Dynamics pp-ff- quick review video of dynamic terms

Major Triads
  Music Tech Teacher A-Chording to Santa - build major and minor triads on keyboard
  Teoria Harmonic Function Triad ID - identify triads
  Teoria Triad Chord Construction - build triads on the staff
Hearing Time Signature 3/4 or 4/4

Musical Forms and History

Terms and Signs

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