Friday, May 5, 2017

Collect A Chord Game

I came up with this Collect a Chord game to help my students to solidify their chord spelling, but its easy enough that even a young beginner just learning skips can figure it out.  I love its ease and adaptability. Its quick enough to make a perfect lesson starter with student vs. the teacher and it also makes a great group game. I use 3 sets of Music Alphabet cards, but for a larger group you would need more.
 I love these cute round Monkey Alphabet cards that I won from Piano Escapades, but the free printable alphabet cards from Susan Paradis will also work.
Materials: 3 or more sets of music alphabet cards
Concepts: Skipping Music Alphabet, Spelling Chords, and/or Identifying Major/minor chord spellings
Game Instructions:
Scatter all of the alphabet cards face down on the floor.
Students take turns picking a card to place face up in front of them.  If they pick a letter they already have, they must return it to the pile. If they collect three letters that can form a chord they set their chord to the side.  Game play continues until all the cards have been drawn.The winner is the one who collects the most chord sets (ACE, BDF, CEG, etc.).
For beginners its helpful to first have them demonstrate all the different possible chord spelling and maybe even write them on a "cheat sheet."  For advanced students I also have them identify the quality of the chord sets they collect (Major, Minor or Diminished) or identify the chord degree
(I, ii, iii, IV, V, etc.) in order to keep their match.

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