Monday, May 1, 2017

Incredible Scales Boardgame

Years ago, somewhere in the vast sea of internet resources I found this simple scale review gameboard that I especially love to use with my students at lessons and during home practice as festival time approaches.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to find it again despite the wonders of google.

But a similar customized scale review could be easily put together to match the needs of your students. All you need is a blank gameboard, sheet protector, dry erase marker, die, timer or stopwatch and some pencil paper.
In each of the game board blanks write a specific technique skill to be played.  For example, D Major Both Hands, E Major Right Hand, C Major Chords, A Major Arpeggios.  I like how the game board I have focuses on scales for the first half and then adds in chords and arpeggios on the right side.
To play the game:
1. Set the timer (2, 5 10 minutes?)
2. Place your game markers at start.
3. Roll the dice and play the scale you land on.  If you play it correctly give yourself a point.  If you make a mistake play the scale (chord or arpeggio) 3 times before earning 1 point and moving on.
4. As soon as your timer beeps add up your score.
5. Repeat daily(at home practice)/ or weekly (at lessons) and try to get a better score (or finish the whole gameboard!)
The benefit of this game is that students are more eager to play their technique skills and they really focus in and slow down to play them correctly the first time instead of plodding over their mistakes quickly!

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