Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Festival Gold Star Choice Piece Listening Assignment

Click on the link of your festival level below.  Listen to the Instrumental and Piano Samples of each song and answer the following questions

1. Write 2 or more words to describe the mood of this piece.
2. What is the tempo (speed) of this piece (Adagio, Andante, Allegro, Presto, etc.)?
3. What articulation do you hear in this piece (staccato, legato, accents, pedaling etc.)?
4. Choose your personal rating for this piece from the following:

  1. 1- I have no interest in learning to play this.
    2 - This piece is okay
    3 - Nice, but not my favorite
    4 - I would like to play this piece.
    5. I would love to learn to play this.

PP Faber Primer(Blue/Black) 
Select the Purple Primer Book at the top of the link page 
I Found a Penny
Pony Express
French Cathedrals
Chugging Choo-Choo
Eternally Music

P1 Faber Level 1 (Purple/Pink)
 Select the Red  Book 1 at the top of the link page
Most of all I Like Rainbows
Colorful Sonatina - Happy Red
Canoe Song
Chinese Painting
Three Pirates

P2 Faber Level2A (Yellow/Orange)
 Select the Blue 2A Book at the top of the link page
There's Nothing Like a Circus
Concert Sonatina -Andante
Home Run Harry
Toy Town
Grandpa Leprechaun

P3 Faber Level2B (Green/White)
 Select the Orange 2B book at the top of the link page
Festive Sonatina
Tijuana Tambourine
Gypsy Dance by Firelight
Rainbow Sister

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