Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Free Printable Piano Festival Prep Checklist

Piano Festival Preparation Checklist

Before relocating to Rexburg, I prepared my students for an "Advancement in Music" festival each year where they prepared 2 songs to play and also
demonstrated keyboard, rhythm sight reading and ear training skills for a judge (another local teacher). I created this Performance Evaluation Form and had my students use it as guideline to evaluate their recorded pieces and identify areas of strength and areas for improvement before festival day.  Since the judging matrix guidelines for UVMTA are a bit different and a bit wordy for younger students I created this Simplified Evaluation Form to help my students prepare.  I use a "scale of 1-5" often in my studio as they evaluate how much they enjoy potential pieces to play. I plan to have them rate themselves on a scale of 1-5 as we watch a recording of them playing their pieces. "How ready are you in each area on the chart?" and then note any specific spots to work with post-it flags in their music.

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