Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Festival Samples Level 3 Yellow

Festival Samples for Late Elementary (Piano Adventures 2A/ Hal Leonard 3/ NFMC P2)

Choose at least 6 pieces to listen to. Write the name of the piece, then click the link to hear it and answer the following questions on your Festival Samples Listening Assignment Sheet:
1. Write 2 or more words to describe the mood of this piece.
2. What is the tempo (speed) of this piece (Adagio, Andante, Allegro, Presto, etc.)?
3. What articulation do you hear in this piece (staccato, legato, accents, pedaling etc.)?
4. Choose your personal rating for this piece from the following: 
1- I have no interest in learning to play this.
2 - This piece is okay
3 - Nice, but not my favorite
4 - I would like to play this piece.
5. I would love to learn to play this.


Taco Rock by Martha Mier (Best of Martha Mier Bk 2)
Frog on a Log by Martha Mier (Favorite Solos Bk 1)
Stomping Dance by Christopher Goldston (Fantastic Fingers Bk3)
The Acrobat by Carolyn Miller (Sheet Music)
Traffic Jam Blues by Elizabeth Greenleaf - (FJH Federation Favorites Book 2)
Mischievous Monkeys by Elizabeth Greenleaf - (FJH Federation Favorites Book 2)
Thundering Drums by Anita Brandon - (FJH Federation Favorites Book 2)

Awesome by Lee Evans (Color Me Jazz Bk1)
Un Poco Espanol by Lee Evans (Color Me Jazz Bk1)
Jazzy by Kevin Costley - (FJH Federation Favorites Book 2)

Ancient Dance by Michael Praetorious - (Faber Prep Piano Lit)
The Hero's March by Moritz Vogel - (Faber Prep Piano Lit)
Melody by Ferdinand Beyer - (Faber Prep Piano Lit)
Circle Dance by Ferdinand Beyer - (Faber Prep Piano Lit)

In Library but no Sound Samples:
Jam Session by Lee Evans (Color Me Jazz Bk1)
Melody Bober Solos in Style 
Northwest Passage - (Melody Bober Solos in Style)
Whoop-de-do! (Sheet Music)
Punch and Judy by Eric Baumgartner (Sheet Music)
Prima Sonatina by Kevin Olson

Not in Library Yet:
Twister by Wendy Stevens
Mystery at Blackwater Creek by Martha Mier
Unicorn Ride by K. Polhamus
Medieval Pageant by Mary Hauber

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