Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Halloween Piano Challenge: Don't Scare Me... Surprise Me!

Halloween Piano Challenge, Music Studio Halloween Activities

This month in my piano studio, I'm giving my students a challenge full of choices.  There are so many fun Halloween Themed Resources to use in piano lessons, but rather than just choose one for my students, this year I decided to let them select from a list of "tricks" to "treat" me with at their October music lessons.  

We'll be sampling a few at the Halloween Group Lesson and then they can surprise me with their project(s) of choice throughout the month.

A few of the options include:

  • Learn a Halloween Song of your choice and send me a video.

  • Transpose a song from major to minor by flatting the 3rd, 6th and 7th scale notes.

  • Compose a song or melody that tells a story. Use a   Halloween song starter for inspiration if you’d like.

  • Create a spooky variation of one of the pieces you’ve learned in the past.

  • Watch a video to learn a new natural minor scale or harmonic minor scale.

  • Improvise melodies notes in a minor with backing tracks Moose, Better Days 

  • Watch “Secret Dance” Create First Solo Video make your own improvisation Halloween Dance using the same chords.

You can see the full list and use it for your students if you'd like by clicking this link:
 Don't Scare Me... Surprise Me! Free Printable

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