Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Halloween Group Lesson: Glow Cups, Candy Corn Notes and Paint Chip Chords

In addition to the Halloween Themed Activities  and Crazy Chord Challenge I've been doing at private lessons this month, we had a Halloween Group lesson including some Glow Stick Cup Tapping, inspired by a recent workshop I attended by Leila Viss.
I first introduced the concept of triplets
using my bug beat board and some silly putty and then students watched this demo video.

After practicing some "Triple T Taps,"  while listening to The Adam's Family theme song, students tapped the rhythm from the  Adam's Family Cup Tapping rhythm sheet. Then we flipped off the lights for a glow in the dark round.

Using Susan Paradis's Kandy Keys Game Board  I created a different game for students to play in pairs to practice note naming.  They covered all the lines and spaces with candy corns and then took turn turns rolling a music alphabet die (A,B,C,D,E, F or G).  They identified on the staff and collected (or ate) the candy corn matching the letter name they rolled.

To determine the order of student performances I randomly gave each student one of these paint chip chord strips. We discussed the scale degree symbols at the top and then started with performance number I (one).
Major Chord Degrees and Qualities

Since our focus for the month has been chords, I played Spooky Town for them and discussed the use of one, four and five chords.  I love how the knowledge of a few basic (primary) chords unleashes their potential to play a more difficult sounding rote piece like this that allows them to use much more of the keyboard then basic notereading from the page would allow for a beginner.

Cat Prowl from Gold Star Performance 2B is another rote piece I love to teach.  This student is just starting Level 1A but learning this more difficult piece really boosted her confidence and desire to practice.

After listening to student performances, we ended with a paint chip chord improvisation activity using familiar chord progressions.

Heart and Soul

Canon in D? (Transposed to C Major)

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