Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Halloween Themed Free Piano Resources

It's a treat to pull the seasonal games and music and rediscover a few I've forgotten.  I organized this list of free Halloween themed music and activities posted by creative bloggers that I've enjoyed using in my studio the past several years.
Susan Paradis Pre-Reading Pieces & Primer Staff Songs
Free printable songs have a small range of notes perfect for beginners or for sightreading practice.

FPS (Jennifer Foxx) Primer Halloween Pieces 
These simple early elementary pieces in a minor are great for reviewing notereading on the staff near Middle C.

Making Music Fun Toccata Theme 
My students love this simplified version of this familiar Bach piece that is often associated with Halloween even though more difficult rhythms require some rote teaching for some.

Layton Music Trick or Treat Rhythm Pumpkin Patterns
My daughter begs to play this rhythm activity all year long even though it is simply rhythm clapping practice paired with some treats.  One year I posted a pumpkin rhythm card to the front door that students had to knock before entering for their lesson.

Piano Escapades Halloween Improv Game
This clever games wraps several concepts together into a quick game that is great to use as a lesson starter.  Students practice melodic improv on the c minor scale while reviewing rhythm patterns and some notereading as well.

Susan Paradis Bats & Cats Rhythm Game, Halloween Note Game
I love the Bats and Cats rhythm game that is easily adapted for beginner to intermediate levels while the Note Game reinforces notesnames on the staff for beginners.

Pianimation Halloween Activities
Jen Fink's fun group games, composition starters and quick games cover a variety of topics including rhythm, intervals, improv, major/minor and steps/skips.

Don't Eat the Poison Pumpkin Staff Notes
You can't go wrong with "Don't Eat Pete."  Kids love it at classroom Halloween parties, so I came up with this variation for piano lessons.

Witch's Brew Sing a New Song
I love the more challenging rhythm patterns in this game for students who need more of a challenge.

Halloween Listening Lab
I posted this a few years ago for my students to learn a little about musical form and the organ as they watch a YouTube video with Bach's Toccata and Fugue.

Classics for Kids - Halloween podcast
The classics for kids short podcasts are a great way to expose students to a variety of music as they learn about various composers. 

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  1. This seems like a cute way to get your kid to focus and learn their piano lessons easier. Every kid loves Halloween, so I think that this could be such a great teaching tool for any kid. I know that when I had to learn something with repetitive strategies, games always made it more fun.