Friday, January 14, 2022

Motivate and Track Piano Student Progress with Free Printable Piano Challenge Sheets

With so many different elements to teach in music lessons, it can be challenging to fit it all in.  This year I've invited my piano students to complete a challenge each month that goes along with our monthly group lesson focus. 

Although these concepts are woven into lessons throughout the year, having a focus theme and deadline makes it more likely for them to boost their skills.  And it makes lesson planning simpler as the teacher! 

If they successfully complete at least 10 challenges a year from this Piano Challenge Chart they are eligible for an invite to our Spring Piano Challenge Party.

Monthly Piano Challenge Focus Topics

Notenaming/Interval ID

  • Pass off a new level for the One Minute Club Challenge by naming and playing notes quickly.
    • Bronze: Bass F-Treble G
    • Silver: Bass C- Treble C
    • Gold: Bass G- Treble F
    • Master: Grand Staff + Ledger Lines
  • Susan Paradis Notes in the Fast Lane Sheets are gradually leveled and easier than flipping flashcards for this activity.

Seasonal Composing/Improvisation

Accompanist Skills 

  • Prepare to accompany a hymn or Christmas song at the group lesson sing a long.

The "Teaching Basic Accompanist Skills" post and Accompanist Tips Free Printable include helpful tips for beginners.


  • Can you play arpeggios in 12 keys?  

The Arpeggio Challenge Free Printable  includes fingering visuals for multiple levels.

Ear Training - Choose 1 challenge to complete

  • Earn 90% or Higher on Listening Test
  • Complete 30 levels on the bubble tones app
  • Finish 10 Aural Games on free play mode.

The Expert Ears Challenge Free Printable includes links to activities students can try at home or during piano lab to prepare for their listening tests.


  • Earn 90% or Higher on Theory Test

Use online practice links like Web Rewards,, Tonic, Heidispiano Quizlet to practice/prepare.

Terms and Signs

  • Earn 90% or Higher on Terms and Signs Test

This Free Printable Terms and Signs Study Sheets includes terms and signs definitions and symbols for various levels.

Scales/Chords and  Chord Progressions

I love to use the scale level charts from Colourful Keys that help students track their progress of playing chord progressions and scales in various keys throughout the year.
This Keyboard Skills Challenge Free Printable includes a variety of options to boost students chord and scale skills including some fun creative improv examples. 



Demonstrate the technique wizard skills on your level at piano lessons.

What other skills would you add to challenge your students?

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