Monday, April 5, 2021

How Quizlet Can Help You Master Piano Theory Terms and Signs

Using Quizlet in the Music Studio 

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Music Flashcards have a been a familiar tool in piano lessons for me since I was a child.  I loved the satisfaction of beating my personal record time identifying note names chords and music terms. Quizlet allows you to create free flashcard sets to learn almost any topic from Spanish vocabulary to human anatomy.  You can also tap into the existing sets others have created. There are several different ways to study that make this online flashcard tool even more effective than traditional paper flashcard sets.  I love how the various options allow you to study in the way that works best for you including starring a small number of cards to review, playing in flashcard, game or quiz mode with varying formats (multiple choice, match, type answer, etc.).

Quizlet Flashcard Mode

Like traditional paper cards, flip through each online card and see if you can recall its definition before turning to the answer side.  This is a great starting point to narrow down your study set to only the terms you haven't mastered yet.

Quizlet Learn Mode

For learn mode there are options for multiple choice, flashcard or typed responses and as you demonstrate mastery, the questions automatically hone in on cards you need more practice with.

Quizlet Match 

Match is a favorite choice for some competitive students. Selected term and answer cards are displayed face up and you race to find the matches by dragging and dropping the term on top of its definition.  At the end of the game your speed and rank are displayed with a challenge to try again to beat your previous score.

Quizlet Gravity  

The gravity game requires precise typed answers matching the definitions so can be a bit trickier if the flashcard set involves definitions that are longer than just a few words, but its great for note naming flashcards!

Quizlet Test Options

The test feature allows you to choose from formats of multiple choice, written answers, matching, True/False or a combination of question formats.

Heidispiano Quizlet Sets

Following are the leveled music terms study sets I have created for elementary/intermediate piano students.  I also have paper version flashcards and memory games for each level and some Printable Leveled Terms and Signs Study Sheets

Piano Theory Terms and Signs Level 2

Piano Theory Terms and Signs Level 3

Piano Theory Terms and Signs Level 4

Piano Theory Terms and Signs Level 5

Piano Theory Terms and Signs Level 6 (Gold)

Music Chord Roman Numerals

Other Helpful Piano Teacher Quizlet Sets

Leila Viss 12 Bar Blues

Leila Viss Parts of the Piano

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