Monday, October 5, 2020

Songs in Disguise: A Music Lesson Activity

Songs in Disguise Music Lesson Activity

How do you spookify a piece?

Name that Tune is a classic game that most kids enjoy, but this month at our Halloween Group Lesson I'll be doing a spooky twist by having my students try this "Songs in Disguise" activity.

Songs in Disguise Directions

  • Compile a hidden list of familiar tunes that your students can easily recognize.
  • Give each person a paper and pencil.
  • Play the first few lines of each tune, but instead of playing the familiar version, flat the 3rd, 6th and sometimes 7th scale degrees to create a spooky minor variation.
  • The student who can guess the names of the most songs correctly is the winner!
  • For a challenge, invite students to think of their own familiar tune to transpose to minor for their peers to guess.

This quick activity will help introduce the students to one option on their Don't Scare Me Surprise Me! Challenge where they can opt to create a spooky song variation by transposing from major to minor.  

Songs I used:

Hot Cross Buns
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Jingle Bells
The Wheels on the Bus
Once There Was a Snowman
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Yankee Doodle
O When the Saints
London Bridge

This was the impromptu crazy disguise my son chose to surprise my other students with at our Halloween Group Lesson since they could come in costume. Tiger? disguised as a hippie, caveman, fireman with Raggedy Ann bloomers.😂

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