Thursday, October 1, 2020

Ode to Sugar: A Happier Halloween Song Free Printable

Happy Halloween Free Composition!

My daughter composed this "Ode to Sugar" a few years ago for a composition festival.  I just love her creative lyrics as they reveal my own sentiments!  Some students don't like the creepy sad sounding Halloween songs of the season, so I thought I'd share this happy melody in case others kids out there share her sweet tooth as well.

"I know I have a sweet tooth.
It's something I can't hide.
Without my precious sugar, 
I'm empty inside!

From donuts to choc'late
And choc'late fondue.
I really can not help myself,
Delicious sweets I love you!

Oh precious sugar
Your luscious smooth soft feel, 
Not one crumb I could waste
I want you every meal."

 Ode to Sugar Free Printable

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