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Halloween Composing Piano Group Lesson Plans with Free Printable

Trick or Treat Composing Free Printable Halloween Piano Activity on
Although getting children to practice piano consistently can definitely be a trick, most of my students consider creating their own compositions to be a treat and they are more motivated to play their own creations.
Our recent group lesson included some prep activities that prepared them to successfully play the candy bar rhythm patterns that they selected for their compositions.
Concept: Rhythm Dictation
Piano group lessons for October began with some Rhythm Aerobics to the Purple People Eater song and then students completed this Purple People Eater Rhythm Dictation Activity to practice identifying quarter notes and eighth note pairs by ear.

Concept: Rhythm, Beat and Time Signatures
Next we had some fun with candy bar rhythm cards as students clapped the rhythms of candy bars from these candy bar cards by D'net Layton and determined which ones would fill exactly 2 beats in a 4/4 Time Signature measure.

Concept: Composing with Quarter and Eighth Note Rhythm Patterns
Students started the first few steps of this Halloween composing activity which they will continue to work on throughout the month during piano lab/lessons and home practice.
I Like Candy Better Than Tricks! Free Printable
1. Replace the "candy" lyrics with the names of some of your favorite (2 beat) candy bars and draw the rhythm pattern above the staff.
2. Replace the "gross things" lyrics with something you wouldn't want to eat and draw the rhythm pattern above the staff.
3. Choose 3 note names from the C scale (C,D,E,F,G) for your first candy bar and write notes on the staff using the correct rhythm and pitch.
4. (Optional challenge) Choose chords for the left hand that you think sound best in each measure (C?, F? or G?).

Concept:  Basic Composing Tips
Watch this video about repetition, sequence and retrograde (backwards) and include some of your suggestions in your composition.

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