Monday, April 3, 2023

Free Simplified Piano Easter Arrangements

As I opened my inbox this morning to discover this powerful Easter message of inspiration from Russell M Nelson, I realized that I had missed the opportunity to send my piano students home with their favorite Easter music arrangements before spring break.😞 But they can click the links below and print from home if desired.  

One of the most motivating factors for me to practice piano and violin came from the feelings of peace I enjoyed as I played sacred music regularly, even though I admit sometimes I was trying to just play catch up on my orchestra practice record by playing hymns for hours on the violin on the Sabbath😉

Elementary Easter Piano Arrangements

Gethsemane  This simple arrangement is for beginners with the melody split between hands and optional chord symbols above for lead sheet style playing. Although the "slow strings" setting in the sample video below on my keyboard doesn't allow for as much volume control as the piano, I love the soothing resonance it creates making me feel like I'm playing in an orchestra.

 Students can play either the melody alone or chords alone as they sing the melody. 

Layton Simplified Primary Songs  The primary song arrangements by D'net Layton include just the melody line split between hands primarily written near middle C. Even though a few include accidentals or trickier rhythm patterns, children who are familiar with the song can usually easily play the rhythms by ear.

LM Did Jesus Really Live Again (page 27 Layton Simplified Primary Songs F# and eighth note pair

LM Families Can Be Together Forever page 34 - Eighth Notes, Fermata

LM He Sent His Son page 41 Dotted Quarters, Eighth Notess, Fermata

LM I Know That My Savior Loves Me page 48-49 3/4 Time, Tied Notes, Fermata

Intermediate Easter Piano Arrangements

I love the large variety of Piano Song Download leveled arrangements for various holidays and familiar favorites and was happy to discover a few options for sacred Easter music too!

PSD Jesus Christ is Risen Today Left hand stays in primary chord position, Right hand includes multiple hand shifts at phrase endings.

PSD The Old Rugged Cross - Key of Bflat w/ Left Hand 158 accompaniment pattern

Gethsemane " I Can Play It"  from the Friend Magazine

Recommended Intermediate Easter Piano Arrangements for Purchase

Although the next 2 pieces aren't actually "free," I have fallen in love with the simplicity and beauty of Marshall McDonald's hymn arrangements in the Simply Sacred books ever since I was looking for the first musical number for one of my students to play in church! You can download individual pieces, or if you like several songs, the books Simply Sacred and Simply Sacred 2 are available on Amazon.

He is Risen by Marshall McDonald 

Gethsemane arranged by Marshall McDonald in Simply Sacred 2 as it does require a lot of left-hand crossovers for the 2 8va arpeggios that can be tricky for students with smaller hands.

Nearer My God to Thee by Marshall McDonald in Simply Sacred

Happy Easter!

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