Friday, March 24, 2023

Intermediate Piano Concept Tutorial Videos

I love using a flipped learning approach in piano lessons. 

During piano lab,  having students watch quick video clips about musical concepts is a great way to introduce or review concepts.

Having students preview concepts in advance allows for more repertoire focus during private lessons and accelerates learning with repetition.

Below are some great intermediate level piano video resources.

Lengthy explanations can quickly bore students and adults! I find the most effective videos are multi-sensory, brief, and use simple language. Here are several I have hand-picked after browsing hundreds of tutorials on YouTube.

Intermediate Music Theory Terms and Signs Videos

CK Tempo -  brief definitions of rit. ritard. rallentando, repeat, staccato and slur

7 Common Tempo Terms - Largo-Presto, rit, rall, accelerando, poco, molto, a tempo


CK Intermediate Terms and Signs -   brief definitions and  memory aids for sempre, lento, larghetto, alla marcia, vivace, presto fp, sf and con moto

CK More Intermediate Expression and Articulation -  brief definitions and memory aids for giocoso, maestoso, espressivo, portato and marcato

CK Intermediate Terms and Signs - brief definitions of dolce, grazioso, cantabile, fermata, accent, staccato and  tenuto (stress), 8va, 8vb, 1st & 2nd endings

Intermediate Piano Note Reading Videos

Intermediate Piano Scales and Keyboard Skills

Pianoanne Circle of 5ths and Piano Scales - How does the circle of 5ths relate to piano scales?

Scale Blocks Sharp Key Signatures - Watch this quick strategy to visualize scales with sharps.

Tip for Identifying Sharp Key Signatures - This fast effective memory aid for remembering sharp scales was an unforgettable tip introduced to me by my first piano teacher.

PianoAnne Relative Minor Key Signatures- How to identify relative minor keys

Pianoanne Scale Degree Names

MTG Inversions - Figured Bass and Jazz Style Chord Symbols

Intermediate Piano Chord Videos

Mr M Chords Song -Song explaining the patterns and sounds of M, m, M7,m7, Dominant 7th

Intermediate Piano Technique Videos

14 Types of Articulation slur, legato, phrases, tie, staccato, staccatissmo, portato, accent, sforzando, marcato, tenuto, fp, fermata

Intermediate Music Rhythm Concept Videos

Eighth Note Triplets Thinking Theory- Very Brief explanation of triplets

6/8 Time Signature - How to Count 6/8 Time Signatures 

Pianote Cut Time- What does cut time mean?  How is it different from 4/4 time?

Syncopation - Memorable syncopated rhythm practice with fruits

MTG Inversions - Figured Bass and Jazz Style Chord Symbols

Intermediate Music Ornamentation Videos

Mordents and Inverted Mordents- Learn about mordents, an ornament used often in Baroque music

Cadenza- Watch first-minute to learn about Cadenzas or hear example in Legend of Madrid Example

Intermediate Piano Expression and Artistry Videos

Pianote Dynamics and Expression- How do dynamics and expression add life to your piece?

Shaping Phrases - Watch the first 3 minutes to learn how to play phrases more expressively.

Musical Forms and Texture Videos

Binary and Ternary Form- hear examples of phrases, sections and form in music

Rondo Form- song with lyrics that teach about Rondo form
Theme and Variation

Polyphony - vocal, orchestra and piano example of polyphony which is often used in Baroque music 

Sequence - Listen to examples of  motif and sequence in classical and pop music.

Miscellaneous Intermediate Piano Concepts

Alberti Bass- First 3 minutes

Non Chord Tones Learn about neighbor notes, passing tones, and other non chord tones.

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