Monday, January 18, 2021

Piano Adventures Lesson Book Level 1 Unit 10 Assignments and Supplementary Activities

Piano Teaching Lesson Plans: G Pentascales

This post includes specific instructions for pieces in the Piano Adventures Lesson Book 1 but many of the activities could also be used with other pieces for landmark notes and scale patterns.

Concept: G Pentascales

UNIT 10: Three G’s on the Grand Staff

Lesson: Red LB 56 Bongo Drummers

Focus Goal/New Concepts:G Landmarks

Lesson: Red LB 57 G Scales/Chords

  • *Practice Snail (60)- Dog(80)-Cheetah (100) style  until you can play the scales and chords at 100bpm.

  • Game: Note Reading Ruckus

  • Improvise Melodies using the notes from the G major pentascale in any order as you play along with one of these backing tracks from  Acoustic Breeze, Freedom

Lesson: Red LB 58 Dinosaur Stomp

  • Choose a silly action to do on the accents as you listen to the audio. *Can you make the accented notes obviously louder than the other notes by using more arm weight?

  • Piano Safari Flamingo Dancers or Cool Songs

Focus Goal/New Concepts:Accents

Lesson: Red LB 59 The Dreydl Song

Focus Goal/New Concepts: Upbeat

Lesson: Red LB 60  The Bubble

  • Label the form of the music and learn one line at a time.  * Did you remember to play all the expressive details (legato slurs, accents, dynamics, tempo marks)?

Additional Lesson Plans:

Unit 3: Landmark C's
Unit 4: Intervals
Unit 5: Half and Whole Rests

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