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Piano Adventures Lesson Book Level 1 Unit 4 Assignments and Supplementary Activities

Piano Teaching Lesson Plans: Introducing Intervals

Using online piano lesson assignments including virtual links allows my students easy access to learning videos and song samples all in one place.  By sharing a google doc with the parents and students, students can access the document from week to week as I add their newest assignment to the top of the page. This post includes specific instructions for pieces in the Piano Adventures Lesson Book 1 but many of the activities could also be used with other pieces for introducing intervals.  Scroll to the bottom to view lesson plan links for other concepts.

UNIT 4: Naming Intervals

Lesson: Red LB 26 Traffic Jam 2nds

Focus Goal/New Concepts: Interval of a 2nd and Dissonance

Lesson: Red LB 27 This is Not Jingle Bells

  •  Watch “Musical Intervals”. Challenge * How many intervals can you sing or play along on the piano as you listen to the song? (A sec-ond, a third, a fourth, etc.)

  • Optional Rote Piece First Snowflake of Winter Blue Gold Star/ Chopsticks

  • Watch Create First 2 Taking the Path I Love Solo and Duet.  Then create your own piece that uses 3rd in the right hand.

Focus Goal/New Concepts: Interval of a 3rd

Lesson: Red LB 28 Kites in the Sky

  • Draw a line over each measure that has only 3rds. What intervals do all the other parts of the song use?

  • *Can you glide your left hand over right hand like a rainbow and still play this song with steady rhythm until the ritardando (slow down section at the end)?

  • *Optional Rote Piece Melodic Thirds  Piano Safari Skip to My Lou

  •  Create First 2 This Will Pass Solo and Duet

  • Choose an interval game to play at home (Over the Edge, Interval Towers, VMT Pit Stop, M&M Staff Intervals, Interval Slap, Interval Sprinterval Schminterval, Interval Speed Sort, Interval Sorry)

Lesson: Red LB 30 A Mixed Up Song

  • Can you find all of the Harmonic 4ths in your music and color them? Choose a different color and draw a line between the Melodic 4ths

  • Watch Create First Improv 42 Private Music Solo or Duet.  Then create your own music that includes harmonic 4ths.

  • Game: Interval Slap - Using the Over the Edge Cards Race your partner to slap all of the 4ths first

Focus Goal/New Concepts: Interval of 4th

Lesson: Red LB 32 Flute of the Andes

  • Color the dynamics in your music.

  • *Can you play expressively by following the dynamics and floating an octave higher at the end?

  • Watch Create First Pagoda Solo and Duet or Private Music Solo and Duet.  Create your own melodies using harmonic 4ths.

Focus Goal/New Concepts: Octave Sign

Lesson: Red LB 33 Runaway Rabbit

  • Color all the harmonic and melodic 4ths in your music.

  • *Did you play steadily with expressive slurs and staccatos?

  • Watch Creature Sounds by Wynn Ann Rossi.  Choose a creature and make up your own song or begin the Animal Menagerie Composing Project.

Lesson: Red LB 34 Rain Forest

Focus Goal/New Concepts:Interval of a 5th

Lesson: Red LB 35 Lightly Row 

Additional Lesson Plans:

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