Wednesday, December 16, 2009

M&M's Stepping on the staff

To help reinforce the concept of stepping up and down the staff try this fun game.
Materials: M&Ms, one grand staff for dimes card for every player. A die or spinner. Each player starts with an m&m (dime, skittle or other round candy)and places it on the bottom line of the bass clef. Players take turn rolling the die and moving their candies up the staff by steps (line, space, line, space, etc.). Whoever reaches the top line of Treble Staff first gets to eat their candy (or keep their dime). You could also practice stepping down by starting at the top of the staff and moving down by steps instead.

For intermediate students, I adapt this game and have them each use 2 game pieces to represent an interval.  After rolling the die they move one m&m up to create a harmonic interval on the staff matching the # on the die. On each turn they move the lowest game piece up.

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