Monday, January 11, 2021

Piano Adventures Lesson Book Level 1 Unit 5 Assignments and Supplementary Activities

Piano Teaching Lesson Assignments: Introducing Half and Whole Rests

Piano Teaching Lesson Plans, Half and Whole Rests, Image of a person with half rest hat on his head, image of person falling into a hole whole rest

These lesson assignment instructions that I share via google docs  with my students include embedded links with videos and supplementary activities for flipped learning at home that can be done during lab time or at home. This post includes specific instructions for pieces in the Piano Adventures Lesson Book 1 but many of the activities could also be used with other pieces for introducing rests.  I like to display Susan Paradis's Free Whole and Half Rest Poster on the piano to capture students attention as they come to the lesson where we they will be learning about half and whole rests. 

Concept: Half and Whole Rests

UNIT 5: Half Rest and Whole Rest

Lesson: Red LB 36-37 Forest Drums

Focus Goal/New Concepts: Half and Whole Rest

Lesson: Red LB 38 No Moon Tonight

Lesson: Red LB 39 Grumpy Old Troll

Additional Lesson Plans:

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