Friday, January 8, 2021

Piano Adventures Lesson Book Level 1 Unit 2 Assignments and Supplementary Activities

Piano Teaching Lesson Plans, Teaching Treble Space Notes

Streamlining my piano lesson assignment plans to online documents including virtual links allows my students easy access to learning videos and song samples all in one place. This post includes specific instructions for pieces in the Piano Adventures Lesson Book 1 but many of the activities could also be used with other pieces for introducing the treble clef space notes.

Concept: Introducing Treble Clef Space Notes


 Lesson: Red LB 18 Skipping in Space

  • Watch “F-A-C-E FACE”

  • Sing and Sign the  Solfa Patterns in the Song. F is Do. 

  • Play FACE-Blank by guessing the last note your teacher plays (F, A, C, E, ?)  Was it F(Do), A (Mi), C (So) or E (Ti)? 

  • Listen to the audio of Skipping in Space as you point to the notes in your music.

  • Write the note names on the blank lines of the staff,  and the solfa (Do, Mi, So) below the line, then sing them as you play the song.

  • Try the Creative Challenge at the bottom of the page.

  • Game: VMT FACE-Jibbety

Focus Goal/New Concepts: Treble Spaces

Lesson: Red LB 19 Half Time Show

  • Sing and Sign Solfa Patterns from the Treble Clef as you listen to Half-Time Show. at half speed (change youtube settings) Hint: F is Do

  • Optional Game: Slap Fish w/ Treble FACE cards

Lesson: Red LB 20 The Lonely Pine

  • Listen to  The Lonely Pine as you sight read and play just the first note of each measure.

  • *Can you play the whole song and quickly prepare your right for the 2nd line by shifting quickly to the new position? 

  • Creative Challenge: Compose your own “Happy Pine” lively melody that includes just the notes F-A-C-E in any order/octave.

Lesson: Red LB 21 Li’L Liza Jane

  • Color the dynamics in your music as you listen to Li’L Liza Jane.

  • Play as written, then transpose to the G Scale.

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