Saturday, January 16, 2021

Piano Adventures Lesson Book Level 1 Unit 9 Assignments and Supplementary Activities

 Piano Teaching Lesson Plans: V7 Chord

Teaching Piano V7 Chords, Piano Adventures Lesson Plans, Image of V7 chord on keyboard inverted

 Piano Adventures Lesson Book 1 introduces the V7 chord with a simplified 2 note version.  I have students analyze their music before playing and color I and  V7 "chord pieces" in different colors so they quickly become adept at spotting chord shapes and patterns in their music. (See Teaching Chords in Color).

UNIT 9: The V7 Chord

Lesson: Red LB 52 London Symphony

Focus Goal/New Concepts:V7 Chord

Lesson: Red LB 53 Jazzy Joe

  • Color the I Chords Red and the V7 Chords Yellow

  • Tap along with the syncopated rhythms in the melody as you listen to the audio.

  • *Remember to hold the tied notes as you practice.

  • Creative Challenge: Create your own jazzy song that uses the same chords and rhythm as Jazzy Joe but has a different melody using notes from the C scale.

Lesson: Red LB 54 Shepherd’s Song

Focus Goal/New Concepts: Ritardando

Additional Lesson Plans:

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