Thursday, January 7, 2021

Miracles and Music of Comfort

 As I attended the funeral of a dear friend and neighbor earlier this week, the music brought me profound comfort.  It also gave me the opportunity to witness the miracle that occurred in another piano teacher's life. The tears were spilling over as I witnessed Ranae McKee walk up to accompany on the piano beautifully as her talents brought peace and comfort to the family.

Several years ago she lay on the brink of death in a coma after suffering from a stroke, heart attack and brain surgery. The following excerpt from her story was later related in this "Miracle Recovery" news article.

"They kept music playing in her room and sometimes placed a keyboard in her lap, guiding her fingers to perform scales, hoping some connection with her brain would take place.

One day, Bill caught a glimpse of her blinking an eye: The medical staff attributed his observation to wishful thinking. The next day, however, she started moving her little finger."

The words of "He will heal those who trust him," took on additional meaning as I witnessed the miracle of her full recovery as she played "Consider the Lilies of the Field" at the funeral service.

Although my friend Kim did not receive the same miraculous healing miracle of being restored to physical health, I know she is experiencing peace.  The last post she made on facebook was this music video which I had stumbled on earlier in the week. As I watched it, I was so inspired by the different depictions of Jesus Christ and the role he plays as he heals, comforts, judges, creates, and acts with compassion. I contemplated the many moments when music has provided healing and comfort and joy for me.

My greatest passion as a piano teacher is not to train up future concert pianists, but to help my students find the joy and peace that music can bring in everyday life to lift and heal and inspire. 

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