Friday, February 1, 2019

12+ Months of Free Music Group Lesson Plans

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Planning Piano Group Lessons

Choosing a monthly focus topic for piano lesson not only simplifies lesson planning, but it also helps me ensure that students are getting a well-rounded exposure to musical concepts that can easily be overlooked like composition and ear training.

Group lessons in my studio are often centered around a certain concept although I periodically do a Mash-up or Holiday Themed Review Group lesson to touch on multiple concepts.  I incorporate activities in weekly private lessons to go along with the theme that are customized to the level the student is currently on. Often I will give the students a challenge to go along with monthly theme and they love the recognition of being added to the leaderboard. These include both short term goals they can achieve in one week like the Crazy Chord Challenge and Thumb Tuck Challenge, and longer term incentives like Bulls-Eye PracticePiano Tracking, Candy Jar Challenge, Piano Mountains.
Following are  links to my group lesson plans and activities that I have used the past few years.

Themed Piano Group Lesson Plans

Practice Themed Music Group Lesson

Piano Practice Smarter not Harder Effective Practice and Piano Motivation

Valentine's/Composing Group Lesson

Valentine's Piano Teaching Games and Composing Activities Heidispiano

Piano Technique  and Artistry Group Lesson

Teaching Piano Technique with Caterpillar Crawl Music Listening and Movement Activity
Music Theory Carnival Games

Music Carnival Games Music Theory Piano Teaching Group Plans

Ear Training Group Games

Group Ear Training Games Piano Teaching Pitch Interval Rhythm Melody Dynamics Articulation Patterns

Musical Minute to Win It Games

Musical Minute to Win It Games Scale Blocks for Music Teachers

Music Mash-up

Music Mash Up Pinata at Piano Group Lesson

Summer Piano Synergy

Piano Group Lesson Synergy Summer Piano Group Lesson Plan

Halloween Group Activities

Piano Halloween Resource Roundup Heidispianonotes Halloween Group Activities

Theme and Variations Form and Composing

Variation Cards Piano Teaching Theme and Variation Game

Piano Cranium 

Piano Cranium Music Teaching Game with Rhythm, Notereading music history and ear training cards

Basic Accompaniment Skills

Christmas Themed Piano Group Lesson  and More Christmas Group Activities

More Free Piano Teaching Resources


  1. Hi,
    I am a piano teacher and was curious if you have a online store that we could purchase some of your group games/activities? Like Piano Cranium. Thanks!

  2. I don't currently have an online store and unfortunately I no longer have the Cranium file I made years ago or I would be happy to share it with you!

  3. Hi, I am looking for good piano learning lessons that can teach me step by step. Can you suggest any?