Monday, November 2, 2020

Piano Keyboard Skills Contests

 Tonic Tutor Keyboard Skills Games

Our studio contest focus this month emphasizes technique/keyboard skills.  Students who earn the highest score in their lesson (AIM High Contest) and students who complete the most keyboard skills games (Overachiever Contest) in freeplay mode after their assigned lessons will be recognized at the next group lesson.
With my subscription to Tonic students can play games on an ipad, phone or p.c. at home or at lessons to practice the following skills.  These brief instructions and tips can help them have more success as they navigate the many games on this site.

Visual Chords and Scales 

Piano Keys - Click on the correct piano keys (As, F#s, etc)
Jungle Journey - Click on piano key intervals (which increase in difficulty by level).  Move up a step/skip, half /whole step, Major/minor/aug/dim 3rd,6th etc.
Piano Chords - Select the correct keys on the piano of the chord indicated (F major, d diminished, etc.) Hint: Walk the correct pattern of half steps up from the tonic (1st note) to play root chords.  Major= 4+3, minor= 3+4 diminished=3+3 and Augmented=4+4
Planets - Play the correct keys on the piano of the scale indicated. Hint: Major=WWere Happy When WWere Home. Natural minor= When Harry Went West HWore White.
Rock Climber - Select the correct letter names of the keys you play for each scale. Hint: Think of the Sharps and Flats before you begin. 
Key Signature Snap - Does the Key Signature on the Staff Match the Key Letter Name? Hint: One Flat Back  or Sharp Step Up? or see (Unforgettable Key Signatures)

Auditory Keyboard Skills

Aquarium - Listen for what type of scale was played.  Major (happy)? Natural minor (sad)? Harmonic minor (sad with creepy #7)? Melodic minor (different pattern going down then up)?
For Aural games like ice cream, eggs and magnets, it is helpful if you sing aloud the pitch(es) you hear.
Blobs- Identify the chord quality. Is it major (happy) or minor (sad)?
Ice Cream - Listen to the note and decide if it is the bottom middle or top note of the chord (ice cream cone scoops)
Chord Colors - Choose the correct chord pattern.  Hint: Which chord sounds most like "I" even if the notes are rearranged.  I  (Home) sounds restful like the beginning or end of song.  V (Vacation) does not sound like the end when compared to home.  Note: The Chord colors are different than Let's Play Music chords.

Keyboard Skills LeaderBoard

Students can also earn a bonus prize if they "level up" on the leaderboard for the scale or chord challenges.  The following posts include a video and printable of keyboard skills required for the beginning levels.
AIM Keyboard Skills Level 1
AIM Keyboard Skills Level 2
AIM Keyboard Skills Level 3

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