Friday, January 3, 2020

AIM Piano Keyboard Skills Video Level 2

AIM Piano Keyboard Skills Level 2

Pentascales, Chords and Hand over Hand Arpeggios

Once students have learned their pentascales and chords around the circle of 5ths (see AIM Piano Keyboard Skills Level 1) , we add hand over hand arpeggios into the mix. 
Sing (Do-Mi-So, Do-Mi-So,   Do,  So-Mi-Do,  So-Mi-Do)
The "float-off" motion for the hand over hand arpeggios and movement of navigating higher on the keys can be tricky for some beginners, so I often have them first practice the motion of leaping left over right and aiming for the tonic note of the scale several times first before actually having them play the broken chord notes.
The 3 step (ALL practice steps) soldify keyboard skills as students focus on the pattern, technical motions and sounds as they practice.  While playing eyes closed during the scales and chords is encouraged so they can focus on tone, I reassure them its ok to open their eyes for the arpeggio leaps.

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