Saturday, January 11, 2020

Primary Chord Songs I IV and V

Once piano students are proficient in their Level 2 Keyboard Skills that include the V and I chord progression, I add in the IV chord which allows them to harmonize with a wider range of  familiar songs.
Teaching Piano Chords I and V Tonic and Dominant Chord Songs Primary Songs
I listed the songs with only I and V chords on this previous post and this list includes Primary Songs with I, IV and V chords with links to some of my favorites.

Key of C
Away in a Manger 92
6th Article of Faith 126
Choose the Right Way 161
Called to Serve 174 (omit some mid bar chords)
Family Night 195 (omit some mid chords)
Church of Jesus Christ
We are Different
Happy Song 264
Little Purple Pansies

Key of G
Saturday 196
Quickly I'll Obey 197
Mother Tell Me a Story 204
It's Autumn Time 246
I Wiggle 271

Key of F
If You're Happy  266 (omit)
I Hope They Call Me on a Mission
Mother Dear
The Dearest Names208 +vi
Daddy's Homecoming 210 +vi
Little Pioneer Children 216
Once There Was a Snowman 249
Rolling Hands 274
My Hands 273

Key of D
I Want to Give the Lord My Tenth
Dare to Do Right 158
Stand for the Right 159
Teach Me To Walk 177 +vi
Home 192
Give Said the Little Stream 236

Key of a minor
The Oxcart 219 (omit some midbar chords)

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