Thursday, November 5, 2020

Using Noteflight for Piano Student Composing

Noteflight is a free cloud based music composing program that students can easily access at home or during piano lesson lab time.  Following are a some tutorial videos for getting started and exploring all of the options on Noteflight. 

 Although I've used Finale and Musescore in the past with my students, one of the benefits of Noteflight is that parents/students can create their own free cloud based account so they can access their compositions at home or in the music studio.  Although it doesn't have all of the fancy options of Finale it is definitely more user friendly!

How to Setup a Free Noteflight Account

  • Go to
  • Type in the email you would like to set up your account with.
  • Choose a password and verify the email address by checking the email sent to you.

  • Start a New Score
  • Add Notes
  • Change Note Values
  • Add a Title
  • Playback Your Song

YouTube Video:More Editing Basics

  • More options for Adding/Change Notes
  • Adding Chords
  • Adding Sharp/Flats
  • Copy or Transpose Measures

YouTube Video:Quick Overview of Editing Your Score in Noteflight

  • Recommended Starting Palettes are the Duration, Pitch and Measure palettes.
  • Speedy overview of palette categories and how to access them
  • Adding more Instruments
  • View Modes


YouTube Video:Exploring Other Palette Possibilities (aka Making a Mess)

Adding other instruments
Adding Tempo and Expressive Marks
Repeated and Chromatic Shortcuts
Lyrics or other text
Ties or Dotted Notes
Add Measures
Repeat Signs

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