Thursday, February 6, 2020

Simplified Piano "Come Follow Me" Songs for February

Playing Chords Lead Sheet Style

As I've watched my son progress each year in his Let's Play Music class, I've been surprised at how even 5 year old students can learn to play their primary chords with ease as an accompaniment to their own singing.  I encourage my students to learn chords much earlier than they are introduced in most method books and use this process to help them play songs they are familiar with "lead sheet style."  
1. Identify and label  (and/or color) the I, IV and V chords written above the staff in the music.
2. In measures where no chord is written (measures 2 and 11) write in the same chord from the previous measure to remind you that the chord stays the same.
3. Play the I, IV or V chords as an accompaniment as you sing the melody line.

Following these steps they can practice chords with the February suggested Come Follow Me Song "Praise to the Man" that they are familiar with.
The "I Can Play it" site  includes some of the other monthly songs for intermediate students who can play hands together with ease, but there are some simpler versions with melody split between the hands in Layton Music that are more accessible for beginners.
Nephi's Courage (Layton Music pg 68 and 69) or I Can Play It
Praise to the Man (I Can Play It includes Chords written above- I, IV V and ii)
I Feel My Saviour's Love (I Can Play It key of F, includes some 7ths)
I Love to See the Temple (Layton Music pg 51) or I Can Play It

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