Tuesday, February 4, 2020

4 Types of Scales Video and Free Printable

Teaching Piano Major and Minor Scales in a Memorable Way

Teaching Scales Sad Natural Minor Mad Harmonic Minor Bad Melodic Minor Glad Major
I've been telling the Story of the Scale Sisters for several years to introduce my students to the 4 types of scales (major, natural minor, harmonic minor and melodic minor), but I recently compiled this video to illustrate the concept and my students had a great time wearing wigs and mimicking moods as we watched it at group lessons.

I also prepared this printable for them to color as they watched each segment of the video to solidify their knowledge of the scale patterns and encouraged them to improvise melodies using the notes from each scale to form their own melodies. Sometimes it takes silly to make things stick!
 4 Types of Scales Free Printable

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