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Two Dozen Piano Teaching Blogs That Have Transformed my Teaching

Two Dozen Piano Teaching Blogs that have Transformed my Teaching

Piano Teaching Blogs are Changing Music Education

Fifteen years ago I was drawn into the online world of piano teaching tips as I was searching for ideas on how to best introduce musical concepts to my first piano student... a 4 year old.  I was fortunate to land on the piano teaching home page of Martha Beth Lewis and I eagerly read page after page of "How To's" ranging from topics like technique for beginners (with m&ms and hot fudge) to how to teach feminine endings ("grannies").  The creativity and playfulness of her approach had me hooked and I eagerly perused all of the articles on her site.

My textbook "How to Teach Piano Successfully" by the Bastians had provided a foundation for starting a piano studio, but the online inspiration I have received from bloggers and piano teaching sites over the years has inspired me to go beyond the basics and include group lessons, piano lab, games, improvisation, and creativity as integral threads in my piano teaching tapestry.
Following are the top 20 Blogs/Sites that I have continually inspired me with amazing piano teaching ideas and resources from the comfort of my own home.

My Favorite Piano Pedagogy Blogs

Martha Beth Lewis- pedagogical articles and teaching ideas for early beginners to advanced level students

Tim Topham - engaging students with pop songs and chords, 150 informative podcasts and webinars on a variety of piano pedagogy subjects

Leila Viss - 88 Creative Keys Get Inspired episodes, music teaching i-pad apps, off the bench creativity

Bradley Sowash - Improvisation, Composing with Easy IntrosOutros, Dot Spots,  Embellishments and Scaling the Chords

Nicola Cantan - Colourful Keys - creative music games, Leaderboard for effective progress tracking Scale Charts, Challenge Board, webinars, teaching videos Bull-s Eye Practice, Leaderboard, QuickClips Videos

Joy Morin - Color in my Piano - Workshop notes, Gordon Theory, Sticker Staff Printables, Music Camps

Andrea and Trevor Dow - Teach Piano Today games, music for young beginners-teens, Creative teaching tips, composing activities

Susan Paradis - seasonal themed Games, Worksheets, Composing activities, GBDFA Song & original compositions for pre-reading-intermediate

Wendy Stevens - Compose Create - rhythm cups, tips for teaching composing to students, Web Rewards

D'net Layton Music- "Where Music Teachers Come to Play" Music Candyland, Real Rhythms, games, simplified primary songs, composer cards

Natalie Weber- Music Matters practice incentives,

Jennifer Fink - Fun free Piano teaching resources including games, group teaching activities, practice incentives, sightreading sheets, etc. This Site Discontinued :(

Katherine Fisher and Julie Knerr Piano SafariRote/animal technique pieces with videos, pattern cards

Sally Cathcart and Sharon Mark-Teggart -  Curious Piano Teachers

Chris Owenby- webinars, tips on effective practice and motivation

Jennifer Boster - The Playful Piano - Muscle Builders Technique, Practice Tricks Pack, Coloring pages

Jennifer Eklund - Piano Pronto - engaging method with familiar songs at a a faster pace, original compositions

Forrest Kinney - Free Resources and Four Arts Philosophy as well as Create First/Pattern Play/Puzzle Play books expanded my creativity at the piano as well as my students.

Jennifer Foxx - Music Educator Resources - Piano Lab, practice incentives, group games

Diane Hidy - Sightreading Cards, Teaching Tip Videos
Laura Lowe - Piano Boot Camp and Teaching Ideas
Sheryl Welles Notable Music Studiominute to win it and other piano teaching games/ practice incentives
Kristin Jensen- Holiday Themed Games and Worksheets

Let's Play Music Making Musicians, Teaching rhythm with rhythm bugs, Teaching Music with Songs & Solfeg, and Chord Colors, Effective Parent/Teacher Communication

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