Sunday, December 10, 2017

Music to "Light the World"

This Christmas I revisited this Christmas Canon Chords Improv activity with some of my students. I love seeing the beautiful music they can create when they have a solid understanding of the chord framework behind so much of the familiar music. Canon in D just "speaks" the feelings of Christmas to me, even though it is not a traditional Christmas piece.  This Christmas as I listened to this Light the World video I loved the background music and the meaning of the 25-day challenge as well.  When I went to the piano to pick out the melody and chords by ear, I discovered that it begins with the same chords as my favorite soothing "Canon".
Light the World

This video clip for Day 12 featuring Jon Schmidt from the Piano Guys was especially meaningful.
As he and his wife talked about those who encircled them with love after the tragic passing of their daughter this year it filled my mind with memories of moments this year when kind friends and neighbors came to my aid as I endured a kidney stone.  I have been blessed by being a part of "mourning" with others. Although it is difficult to know exactly best how to help at times, I'm grateful that I could attend the funeral for my cousin's son who died from a brain tumor and spend an afternoon visiting with a friend who had just lost her baby. The weight of tragic events like these can feel immense and I am so grateful for "The Light of the World," my Saviour who helps to lighten difficult situations. I love using this simple calendar to make Christmas a bit more meaningful season for me and my family (Light the World Calendar 25 Ways 25 Days), and the daily video clips bring greater focus into my day even if they bring a few tears.

#Light the World Day 12 Christmas 2017

The Piano Guys innovative approach definitely brings light to my world.  Here are a few favorite Christmas videos featuring their music.  My students have enjoyed mimicking "The Snowflake Technique" used by Jon Schmidt in the intro of this first video.

Angels We Have Heard on High

I also enjoyed discovering this beautiful song that David Archuleta shared last Christmas as part of #Light the World.


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